Software radios, Modems & IP Cores
Advanced Radio Systems, s.r.o.
Our services

Custom development of entire software radios or its components. Our company closely cooperate with Dept. of Telecommunications Engineering, CTU in Prague. This long-term cooperation makes us able to solve demanding tasks and create complex systems.

ARS's services including:

  1. Computer simulations and modelling
  2. Studies of capabilities and limitations of desired architectures
  3. Performance analysis
  4. Implementation using FPGAs or DSPs

Key areas of custom development:

  • Modulation techniques
    1. Single/Multi carrier linear/CPM modulations
    2. OFDM
  • Forward error correction
    1. Turbo codes
    2. Trellis coded modulations
  • Detectors
    1. Iterative decoding networks (BCJR algorithm)
    2. Viterbi algorithm
  • Feedforward or feedback synchronizers and equalizers
    1. Carrier synchronization
    2. SISO or MIMO channel state synchronization
    3. Symbol timing synchronization
    4. Frame synchronization
  • MIMO techniques
    1. Alamouti concepts for freq. flat or selective MIMO channels
    2. Singular value decomposition concepts for freq. flat or selective MIMO channels
    3. Parallel interference cancellation