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Model: 96MCM16 QPSK-TC

  • PLC modem 96MCM16 QPSK-TC is a modular telecommunication device using multicarrier transmission technique.
  • Intended primary for Smart Grid networking transmissions over high voltage (10 kV to 35 kV) power-lines.
  • Secondary intended for transmissions in hostile environments, especially with cables that was not originally designed for communication purposes.
  • Configurable bandwidth for CENELEC & FCC (490 kHz).
  • Using extremely robust channel coding based on serially concatenated turbocode ensures high reliability and performance.
  • Automatic configuration of used carriers for maximum communication bandwidth.
  • Remote firmware update/upgrade feature via GSM gateway.
  • Modem allows seamless point-to-point interconnection between computers and/or sensors.
  • Modular design allows easy adaptation for many purposes. Mounting in standardized DIN rails allows easy integration into existing systems.
  • Using master/slave or master/multi-slave network topology with half-duplex flow based on carrier sense multiple access.
  • Provides reliable service for mission-critical applications like SCADA & telemetry for utilities, Smart Grid power networks or transaction networks connecting different types of terminals.

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